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I just got a netbook, acer aspire one 0532h-2789. I have been reading reviews on DVDRW drives since it doesnt have one and you need one to back up the programs and make recovery disks and recovery the drive if you have an issue. Anyway, most of the reviews I read places like tigerdirect, etc.. say that they wont burn to the DVDRW and I am wondering if its because of Win 7 Starter that comes on the system or something else. Do I need to upgrade from Win7 starter to Win 7 home or something? If so how do I do this? And what USB DRD+-RW drive would be good for me? And what external USB harddrive would be good for me too
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  1. hello fellow 0532h owner.

    I would suggest getting a couple of 4GB USB Pendrives. they are quite cheap, and more usefull then a DVDrw. but only do this if you have a alternate laptop or desktop pc with a DVD drive.

    it is possible to do everything that a dvd drive can do with the pen drive on this netbook. and its much more user friendly.
    for example I have just bought the netbook, it came with some Linpus edition of the Linux os. its a most user unfriendly version as i cant seem to make heads or tails of it.
    currently I am downloading the netbook version of Ubuntu. for installation I will be doing as follows.
    get ultraiso software, install it in your windows pc. now, just open any bootable cd/dvd (works for Ubuntu/Windows XP/Windows Vista, 7) and use the option Bootable/write disk Image.

    its very easy and usefull.
    i may be doing a dualboot system with win xp.
    let me know on what you do.
    also its better to downgrade to XP then upgrade to Win 7 Home.
    why ? to sav the resources. this netbook comes by default with 1 GB ram. of course you can do a upgrade to 2 gb, but even then 7 will slow you down. the netbook simply doesnt have the resources to run 7 and give its best performance.
  2. Thank you for your reply. :hello:
    I already bought a DVDRW Drive from tigerdirect for it.. had to so I could make reboot disks. Have noticed that I surely cannot upgrade to Win 7 Home.. resource hog!
    I dont know obutu.. but will check it out as well as the USB Pendrives.. are they the same as a Micro Flash Drive ?? I bought an 8GB Sandsk Cruser ... for my pics and other stuff ..
    I am wondering.. since I am without a desktop and only have my netbook.. what printer can I use.. do you know? :o Would love some help with this!!
    Also, I bought a wireless router.. The D-Link DIR-615 wireless N 300 router.
    can I hook up a printer to this? Or did buy the wrong one? I didnt open it yet and the pkg doesnt say anything about printer connection.
  3. Oh yeah.. read somewhere that you can upgrade until June for $50 from Win 7 Starter to Win 7 Home Premium.. just thought I would let you know in case you are interested.
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