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Moving to Norway from Canada TV issue

Last response: in Home Theatre
October 3, 2011 1:22:40 AM

I usually post on Computer related boards so take it easy on me.
Im going to move to Norway for some time with my family next summer.
I currently live in Alberta,Canada. We will be moving to Oslo,Norway where my folks live.
Here is my ?.... I know there exist Multi system TV's that CLAIMS that u can buy those anywhere and use them anywhere pretty much. At least in PAL/NTSC markets. An example is Sony EX720 as it exist both in Norway and in Canada in called the same.
Now im curious if i can do the same with the Sony HX929 46 or 55? Or any other brand .. i prefer a 50"+ sized tv. Must have 3D and at least 200/240 hz refresh rate.

Anyone who can help me out. And secondly... If i only am going to stay for limited time and then go back to Canada, can i avoid eventual import fees as i will remove said tv from Norway?

Thanks in advance
Olav Rekve
a b x TV
October 4, 2011 3:58:51 PM

the power standard might be different
the refresh rate standard might be different.

however, everything depends on how you want to use the tv.

if you only want to use it as a monitor or play dvds via a player that originated in region 1, then you might be able to get away with a standard tv and just a transformer to solve the power issue.

if you want to use local cable you might have to look into one of those worldwide tvs you mentioned. they are probably more expensive though and depending on price it might be worthwhile getting a really cheap tv if its only a short stay; well, that or making due with a laptop or some other means of entertainment.

as far as inport/export laws you would have to read up on that. as far as shipping is concerned its not going to be cheap. add to that the fragility of such items and i'd be wary myself of shipping.

a more portable option would be a DLP projector and screen. much easier to travel with as you can pack it in a carry-on or stow-below bag.