5.1 Sound System under $500

I'm currently looking for a decent 5.1 system that I can use for gaming and especially listening to music on my PC. My budget is €500, but I'd like to get a decent-ish soundcard as well, so it will be around €450 in reality. That's a maximum, if I can get something decent for less, it's even better.

- 5.1
- Clear, crisp sound
- No/very little creaking
- Not too massive

Not required:
- Heavy thumping bass (a bit of oomph is nice, but I don't need a system that can double as an earthquake generator).
- Extremely high volume

Oh, and if someone has tips on a budget sound card, please give them as well. I'm currently looking at lower end Asus ones like the Xonar DX, but all suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. yeah, me too! i'm also looking for a good 5.1 system, I'm thinking of the Logitech X-530 at the moment, but it looks a little cheap-mid range. so i'm looking for something better.
    Are Altec Lansings good too? I want to stay about the $200 AUD range.
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