LG M237WA LCD TV monitor's high sharpness

I got a LG M237WA 23'' LCD TV monitor today and it seems the sharpness is way too high (looks unnatural) or something. Many pictures look overly sharp and all that.

Native resolution is 1920x1080 and my graphics card is the GeForce GTS 250 512MB

And, I can't find a way to set a sharpness levels in the menu. There's only Back light, brightness and contrast.

EDIT: Oh...there's no sharpness setting on OSD if the PC is plugged to the monitor with D-sub or DVI, only HDMI. I can set the sharpness when watching TV with the monitor or when playing the 360 with it. Would buying an HDMI to DVI cable possibly solve the problem? Or is there a way that doesn't involve buying anything?
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  1. I just bought the same monitor and encountered the same issue.
    I think it looks even worse through HDMI rather than DVI.
    My VGA is an HD4870.
  2. No one knows something about this?
  3. Same problem: colors are washed out
    Btw i've got an msi 1024 mb 9400 gt.
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