GTA IV what Laptop would be good?

I am looking for a reasonably priced laptop to play GTA IV on. I was considering buying an Alienware M17, but I just read a review that said they are only mediocre for gaming. So I was thinking around $1500.
I also don't want anything by HP, as I don't like their business practices.

I was considering a netbook, since I heard about the pending release of the Alienware M11x, but I don't know if this would be capable of playing the games I wish to play (GTA IV, Team Fortress 2, StarCraft 2 and perhaps Crysis) nor if it is a good value.

Thanks for reading and for your time.
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  1. Considering a netbook for gaming???? Get real!!!
  2. gta4 is a bad port being a cpu hog. a dual core will not cut it either
  3. If you want a laptop capable of some serious gaming you're going to have to shell out some serious cash. Certainly much more than a comparable desktop. If you want to play GTA 1V at reasonable settings then you need a laptop with at least a GTX 360M (essentially a 9800GT under a different name) and a decent CPU such as an i5 or a Core 2 Quad. Of course, as far as the video card a 4870 Radeon Mobility would be better, and two of them in crossfire would be best. Such a config is certainly not going to be reasonably priced.
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