Just ordered my new rig from newegg...

Everything is from newegg:

P4 3.0ghz 800mhz fsb
120GB WD 72000 rpm 8mb cache
Floopy Drive 1.44MB Sony MPF920-Z
LiteOn52x24x52 CDRW
Sony 16x DVD Drive
CyberPower 1250AVR UPS
Kingston PC3500 HyperX 512mb(2 sticks)
AIW 9700 Pro
Abit IC7
Antec PLUS1080AMG with 430 watt TruePower PSU
Logitech Access keyboard (who cares about it anyways...)
Logitech MX500
Logitech Z-640 5.1 70 watt speaker
2 80mm Antec fans
some $13 Belkin 10/100 Ethernet card
ViewSonic 19" CRT E90f+SB
Belkin anti-static wrist wrap

For a grand total of $2200, I choose FedEx Express Saver shipping. Is it a good deal? I've heard MANY people who claimed newegg would usually ship your stuff WAY earlier than what they say they would, is that true? I sure as heck hope I'll get it by next week :)
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  1. nice system. Welcome to the gaming world. Where all of your dreams and (when the wifes not home) fantasy come true.

    PS I looked around and could only shave a few bucks off. I would have changed a few items. If you care to know say something. How fast shipping? Because if i was you i would have put next or same day. That babys going to scream!

    Defending AMD with your Stuff.
  2. Very good component choices. Congrats!:D
  3. wtf with the anti static wrist strap. they can actually be worse since its not really the static build up but the potential difference that causes a discharge. just touch some metal of the case for a little.

    <b><font color=red>Remember kids, if you see a downed power line, suck on the end, candy comes out!</font color=red></b>
  4. Nice rig you have there. I have same case you have. Mine's collecting dust in the box. Till I buy the rest of my system next month. I ordered my case from New Egg. It was at my house in two days. I'll order the rest from them. Waiting for 2.4c. Plus maybe Corsair PC 3500 512k will be a tad cheaper by than. You have to like the Free Fedex shipping they have. Plus I don't have to pay 7% sales tax.
  5. The total shipping cost is like $61. Many of the stuff comes with free FedEx Express Saver. That's pretty good since I'm buying like 20 items.
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