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X83 lexmark running in windows 7

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
March 13, 2010 7:40:32 PM

Has anyone gotten the x83 driver to work on Windows 7?

I was able to get the setup process finished like in XP, but Windows 7 doesn't recognize the driver still.


March 22, 2010 8:34:57 PM

Hello. But I'm afraid the printer is not compatible with Windows 7. Tried to check in the Lexmark website, only has drivers for XP and Windows 2000. Hope I can help you more with this.
January 28, 2013 12:19:11 PM

For those like me that still actually have this printer and want to use the scanner the only option IF you have windows 7 Pro or Ultimate 64bit is to install XP Mode.

This installs a virtual version of Windows XP Pro. I upgraded the Virtual PC to vmware's free vmware player using their conversion software and I got this Lexmark x83 to work with the 32 bit drivers released in 2009.

It does NOT work in windows 7 but if you setup the option to access individual folders inside of vmware player setup options for the windows xp environment then you can scan files directly to a folder that windows 7 can use.

Connect Lexmark x83 to a usb port on the computer, open vmware player and start windows xp. Give access to windows xp player for this printer. This point the printer will detach from windows 7 and become accessable ONLY to windows XP, which is fine because windows 7 can't do anything with this printer at all but tell you what it is.

Just install the driver which you download from within windows xp and then install it. Restart windows xp. Windows 7 is still running, do NOT restart the computer itself. The vmware player will reload windows xp if you chose restart from the start menu inside of windows xp.

Once XP is loaded, start the lexmark printer utility and you now have full access to the printers settings and can scan to a file, scan to a application, print etc etc...

I set up mine to access an individual folder on one of my work hard drives and just save scans directly to that folder. Then I open up Adobe Creative Cloud photoshop or fireworks and begin working with the scanned file.

Alternatively you can use the vmware addon application unity which allows direct drag and drop from windows xp into the host operating system but personally I found giving direct access to a folder that both operating systems can use at the sametime is faster. Though the other way you have two copies, one within xp and one on your main operating system drive.

Basically all XP Mode or VMWare's version is, is a set of files that contain XP itself and all the settings including virtual memory. You can think of these files as bubbles or balloons that isolate what is inside from everything else on your computer. Then later if you don't want XP anymore just delete these files and it is gone.