The lie that is intel

If these integrated video cards on today's laptops are boasting (even though shared yes) 1.0ghz of graphics memory (thats equivalent to the ati hd 5870)how come the performance is staggering low. How can you say its 2ghz of video memory but not even play crysis?
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  1. There is no connection between graphics memory and graphics performance. The amount of streaming prossesors is the most important factor. BTW, its 1.0GB, not 1.0GHz.
  2. The quantity of graphics memory doesn't imply the performance of the video card.
  3. Unless Your Talking About Lots Of AA And AF At High Resolutions Then Memory Capacity As Well As Bus Width DOES Make A Differance
  4. Whatafukhead.
  5. Mrmez, I was thinking that too. :D

    and whataman...are you 12 or something? do you understand how a GPU works? lol
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