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hiya all,

I have a problem.....
Just recently I got an Athlon XP 1700+ to replace a Duron in an ASUS A7V333 mobo. I have installed AMD cpu in the past with no problems. I used a
Thermaltake Volcano 6CU+ HS/Fan, to test installing it on
the Duron first, and the cpu totally died. It acted like just the Heatsink touching the cpu surface shorted it out or something. The cpu hasn't a mark on it but wont work no more. I am worried that if I do the same, the Athlon XP will do that as well.
This heatsink has a copper base, and I used thermal paste exactly like usual.
So my question is, is this possible? This is the first time I've come across this sort of problem. Is there any steps I can take to ensure this doesn't happen?
I thought about using a shim if its a heatsink related issue, but I hear there are problems with those in themselves. Any help is appreciated.

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  1. I don't know if you've been <A HREF=",/?St=100,E=0000000000052952567,K=1886,Sxi=10,Case=obj(2502)" target="_new"> here </A> yet or not. Should be no problem whatsoever to install it. Follow the directions & movies & you'll be fine.

    Honey, what's that smell? Don't bother me now I'm working on my computer! OOPS!
  2. Yeah, that's what I thought. Something new happened as well. The Duron cpu came back by itself, and its all fine and working.
    It stumps me how this prob happened, but now I can install them as I did with no dificulty. And I had done it right to begin with. But still a good thing as every cpu is working. ;)
  3. Hey glad you got it. I knew you sounded like you knew what time of day it is. I've had to retrace my steps more than once & you know I usually end up learning something.

    Honey, what's that smell? Don't bother me now I'm working on my computer! OOPS!
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