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Please suggest a very high-end phone hdmi & USB

Last response: in Cell Phones & Smartphones
October 28, 2012 1:19:27 AM

Hi all.

I'm looking for a very high-end phone that should last me a long time.
basic list:
720p screen.
very smooth performance - like in and out of power saving mode, navigation, etc., (most phones can't do this)
run ANY andriod phone app (and games) smoothly.
Desktop like browser - HTML5, Flash, desktop User Agent (so I don't get crappy mobile site versions)
All the basic phone functions, calandar, notes, etc - most phones have this.
run REAL office applications (word with spell checker, spreadsheet, powerpoint-ish, etc - possible to do real work as on a desktop (just with a smaller screen).
Skype video-chat. external micro-SD cards, GPS maps, video playback (divx, mp4, etc)
micro-USB and micro- HDMI - without a dongle.

The first phone I looked at was the Galaxy S3, but that requires video trough the USB port.

If I wait until next year for a phone 4x faster, will it matter if high-phones can run any app now?

I'm also looking a x86 Windows 8 phone - to have a REAL PC in my pocket - may need to wait 2 years for that.

October 28, 2012 1:14:17 PM

I think you're going to have to compromise, still. As the more powerful phones update to Android 4.1 JellyBean you're going to lose Flash (folks seem to be in a big rush to do this for some reason). I'd endorse the Galaxy S3 option yet I know you specified video out w/out a dongle.
October 28, 2012 3:47:20 PM

Thanks for the post.
This is the dongle I'm talking about. Necessary since there is no HDMI port. Then if I want USB and HDMI, I'll need some small hub.

It's OK if I lose Flash, I was just trying to be future-proof - does this help give me more options?