Tuner Sansui TU9900 (window was broken.)

I have a sansui tuner Tu9900.
The front window was broken. I need help:
Where can I buy a glass, to replace for this party.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Sansui, a distinguished Japanese brand which made a few very nice products over the years, have gone out of the hifi business. In fact I think the brand name is now just being licensed to pretty average quality electronics, probably made in China.

    Thus chances of buying spare parts for your classic tuner are slim to zero.
  2. Your best bet would be to check ebay periodically for a unit that you can use for parts. A broken one of course. You can also check www.fmtunerinfo.com and see if they may be able to help.
  3. It occurs to me that if this is a regular shaped piece of glass you may be able to get a glazier to cut you thin piece of glass to fit.

    First step would be to strip down the front fascia to see how the original glass was secured -- and the correct dimensions/thickness of pane needed.

    If possible take the fascia with you to the glazier -- as most will be more used to working in the only rough dimensions needed for windows.
  4. google up sansui parts, or try audio karma.com. they have a forum called exclusively sansui, they can put you on the right track!
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