How do i connect a laptop to my home theater?

I have a Dell Studio 15, a Sony Bravia KLV-40S550A with multiple HDMI Inputs, and a Sony Home theater DAV - DZ790K with a single HDMI output port., and component and video ports. I have connected the home theater to the TV through Video 1 (set in output mode) and the HDMI cable.

When i connect the Laptop to the TV through the HDMI cable, i get good audio and video from the TV, but I am unable to get the 5.1 output from the home theater system to play.

How do i get the audio output from my laptop to play on the home theater system?
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  1. If your TV has an audio out port (can't seem to find specs on short notice), connect that to the Sony Home Theater DAV.

    -Wolf sends
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