Looking for a good gaming headset/headphones

So, hopefully this is the right place to ask this, but I am currently looking for a good headset for gaming. My criteria are as follows:

Preferably a headset as opposed to a separate set of headphones and mic
Surround sound not required, but a perk
I prefer over the ear headphones, as opposed to those behind the head ones
Must be super comfortable
Some degree of noise cancellation
I would like them to be decent for listening to music as well
Preferably in the $75-150 range, though I would be willing to go higher if it's worth it

Anyways, to set the bar for comfortable, my boyfriend has some bose headphones that feel amazing, though I am aware that those cost around $300, and sadly bose does not make headsets. If anyone knows of a gaming headset with comfort anywhere near those, please mention them :P
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  1. Sorry, didn't realise they don't have it in stock.
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