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So my new lap top crashed and it had windows vista on it, and when i tried to turn it on it kept just rebooting couldnt even go into F4 and do boot from last good config. so i tried to install windows xp and same thing keeps happening is there any way i could fix this? should i try to install windows 7
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  1. You say it's "new". Why not contact the OEM? Surely it's still under warranty.
  2. I bought it from a friend but its not a year old yet.
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    Windows Vista was released in January of 2007 and Windows 7 was released in October of 2009 so the laptop is probably more than a year old. Either way you messed up when you tried to install XP over Vista. Most newer laptops use a separate partition to store the recovery software. It's activated by pressing one of the function keys. Get the model # for the laptop and google it to see what you have to do. Your other option is to install an operating system from scratch by using the DVD. Good luck.
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  5. already tried all that
  6. Hi :)

    You NEED to know why it crashed in the first place....

    Test the ram and run a hard drive test in DOS...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. It crashed cause of an upgrade thingy. but now im just trying to start with a fresh install and it says this
    "The computer started using the Windows Installation disc. Remove the Installation disc and restart your computer so that Windows Starts normally. Then, Insert the installation disc and restart the upgrade. (Do not select "Custom (advanced)" to perform an upgrade. "Custom (advanced)" installs a new copy of windows and deletes your programs and settings.)"
  8. I don't know what an upgrade thingy is? What was the upgrade?
  9. if im not saying it clearly doesnt matter, theres no possible way of me getting any of my files back like i've stated 2039402348302 times. i've been saying i just want to do a clean install
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