MSI KT4V and AMD Athlon XP 2400 Barton

I purchased a MSI KT4V mainboard and an AMD Athlon XP 2400 chip, installed the components. The first CPU was DOA upon arrival, AMD was contacted and another was sent. The HSF is a Coolermaster HAC-V81, I'm using Artic Silver 2 and I'm still not getting a POST. This mainboard has a diagnostic LED indicator module that plugs into the mainboard, the LEDs indicated that the processor is damaged or not installed properly. I'm finding this hard to believe as this is the second CPU directly from AMD, there's only one way to install the damn thing, and the HSF should be overly suffcient to cool it.

Any other suggestions would be very much appreciated.
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  1. I've got the same M/B, now just humor me here for a minute with this first question, the little arrowhead on the top of the CPU is pointing to where the locking handle pivots right? Thats where its supposed to be pointing. Is the ZIF 462 socket when the locking arm is open, clear of trash or is any holes blocked, or any bent pins on the CPU itself, or hairline cracks anywhere on the 462 socket? When I seat my CPU with the handle open, and I go to close the locking arm, I always put a slight downward pressure on the CPU as I'm closing the locking arm, with the tips of my fingers, to make sure its seated good.
    Have you cleared the CMOS, in between the installs, if not you may need to do that. If all fails then you may have a bad M/B.

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  2. or when fitting the HSF, you have cracked the CPU core, I killed 2 this year so far... (they are in season)

    Hmmm, wonder if I can get a valid page fault ???
    these invalid ones are far too commonplace...
  3. Thank you for your reply, as it turns out I did have a bad mobo so it is posting, so there are a whole new set of problems. I made a post about this today, can you see if you ran into this problem. Thanks again.
  4. And correction of the title description for the Athlon XP 2400, I entered it as a "Barton" CPU when in fact I would like to correct myself and let everyone know that I must have been drinking that day because it is a T-Bred CPU! Thanks for viewing this post.
  5. hey, if i am not wrong thats a KT400 chipset mobo right? check if u have the latest BIOS. just a thot..

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  6. Well, I'm receiveing a whole new set of problems, it seems to get past the POST, detect everything and then an alarm sounds (like a British police car) and it shuts down. Even if I were able to download the newest BIOS upgrade, I can't even get it to the point of loading in the drivers. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Check the RAM, make sure its firmly seated, and the right kind.
    Make sure your Power Supply is a Minimum of 300W, you didn't list everything going into the computer, you may need a P/S greater than 300W.
    Remove every PCI card from the machine and boot-up with the graphics card only in the machine.
    The MSI KT4V-L has a BIOS fan senser and if it doesn't get an Rpm signal from the CPUs cooling fan it will Autoshutdown, like it did with you, reset the CMOS to bring it back up with the side cover off watch to make sure the fan is running on the CPU, at the same time watch the monitor screen, when it says Rpm senser warning (or something along those lines )Auto Shutdown Yes or No, if the CPU fan is running click the no option, then go into the CMOS setup and set your High Temp Shutdown to about 75c, and Disable the Rpm senser Auto Shutdown, and it won't shut you down again unless your CPU temp gets to 75c. Make sure your CPUs cooling fan is plugged in all the way.

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  8. Thanks for the post 4ryan6, I apologize, I didn't list everything going into the can or what the power supply is here are the specs:

    Enermax can with a 350w Enermax PS
    KT4V Mobo
    Athlon t-bred 2400
    Coolermaster HSF that has a 4 pin power connector with a 3 pin to connect to the mobo as a "sensor"
    Temp, according to the BIOS, was 108 F, CPU fan speed at 4600RPM.
    I have 4 additional Enermax fans, variable speed.
    2 Maxtor HDs
    AOpen GeForce 2 32MB AGP Video
    2 512MB Corsair DDR2700 Mem modules

    No other PCI cards are installed as the mobo has 5 USB ports and integated LAN.

    I have re-seated the memory twice, tried swapping it for a lower speed memory (DDR 2400) and have double checked the CPU fan, it is's a fairly loud fan (think Delta at high speed!), I'm glad it has a reostat to reduce the speed.

    With my last KT4V experience I had a fairly good size Coolermaster HSF plugged into the CPU power connector on the mobo, it ended up blowing that so I disabled the CPU fan detection in the BIOS, plugged the HSF into a 4 pin and everything was fine. This is a similiar situation except the HSF was plugged into the 4 pin from the beginning and the it doesn't make any difference if the CPU fan detection in the BIOS is disabled or not.
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