AMD or Intel, which is better for gaming?

My new pc is mainly going to be used for gaming and I want to know which company makes a better processor for that purpose. I'm going all out on this pc, radeon 9800, at least a gig of ddr400 etc, which processor would suit me better?

Gary Hendricks
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  1. For games probably AMD.

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  2. For a high-end, all-out rig, Intel Pentium4 3.0C would be the best choice. Motherboard with the Canterwood chipset. Two Corsair XMS 512MB PC3500 C2 memory modules.
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  4. If you are going all out, you defeinately want a P4 3.0C.

    One thing: do NOT get the 3200+, you will pay a lot of money for the performance of a P4 2.8C.
  5. well, actually the 3200XP is probably the fastest gaming processor for modern games, however its bloody expensive compared to the 3000xp, which would give very nearly the same performance

    but if shortterm upgradability is a must, Intel P4C processor with a canterwood board would be the better option, though more exensive than AMD

    and you would see very similar performance from the intel system, really the differences wouldnt be noticable

    since you seem to be concerned with gaming, just look at how much youre willing to spend, and how much you want to upgrade in the short term, and make your decision based on that

    also, pick up a geforce FX 5900 Ultra, its even faster than the Radeon 9800, and its got none of the problems of the 5800 Ultra

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  6. They are both fine, you won't see much difference with either equivalent product. Go and look at some benchmarks here at Toms Hardware. Video Card is the most important component in a gaming rig.

    In my opinion the opinion if you have the money to burn and it is a lot of money, go with an Intel P4 3.0GHzC or wait for the 3.2GHz or overclock a 2.4C. If you are on a budget then nothing beats AMD in Price/Performance in the low end area but in the high end prices are similar.

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  7. Quote:
    well, actually the 3200XP is probably the fastest gaming processor for modern games,...

    What are you talking about? The XP3200 is overrated and overpriced and is definitely not even faster than the 3.0Ghz, let alone the 3.2Ghz P4!

    I´d recommend any 800Mhz-FSB P4 with HT on Canterwood or Springdale. If you´re indeed going all-out, then you should get the 3.0Ghz, no doubt about that!!!
  8. I would have to say that Intel is definatly better for games. I currently have an AMD with 512 ram and the ati 9700 pro and I will never buy another amd again. I came from a pentium and switched to an amd because my friends were telling me how much better amd was especially for gameing. From what I have learned the main reason people say that amd is better is because it is cheaper and you can then spend the money you saved on a better video card, but if your getting the best all around then I would definatly go with an intel. Especially if you go with the intel C.
  9. TO be perfectly honest either processors will handle games equally well. Having said that, Intel is the King of performance at the moment. Unless you plan on getting a top of the line Intel I'd suggest an AMD processor backed by an Nforce2 motherboard to get the most bang for your dollar.

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  10. You said it. IF AMD had a XP3400+ They would tell everyone thats its as fast as Prescott 4.0 When XP3400+ runs along at 2.4
  11. It appears the 3.2c's are making an appearance on pricewatch now (shipping est 5/23 I believe). That would be the fastest chip available... runs about 750$. Make sure you get a i875p board (ic7-g, p4c800, etc). Make sure your ram is dual ddr and don't get the ll ram just move it down manually from bios... some issues with the ll ram occasionally. If you are aiming at dead top end the fx5900 ultra is currently it (not avail for another week or so probally) by a bit of a margin. Onward! Let us know your final pc when you finish it up :)

  12. Quote:
    well, actually the 3200XP is probably the fastest gaming processor for modern games

    You are either an AMD fanboy or you have not looked at a single benchmark recently. Don't take everything AMD's marketing department says as unquestionable truth.
  13. umm, no actually for GAMING this is a faster processor, i didnt say it was faster over all, i was very specific, check out X-bit labs and various other hardware sites too see where im coming from

    by the way Tom's 3200 review seemed a bit weird compared to the rest of the net's results

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  14. Lets check a few places...

    xbitlabs- p4 (3dmark03) axp (3dmark01, ut:dm, ut:flyby, ss) [also note: pentium memory timings were worse than amd timings...]
    hardocp- p4 (q3a, jk2, 3dmarkse2001, comanche4) axp (ss) Tied (ut)
    hexus- p4 (3dmark01se, c4, ss2, q3a, ut:botmatch, ut:flyby) axp ()
    gamersdepot p4 (jk2, c4, 3dmark03) axp (ut:flyby, 3dmark01)
    techreport (q3a, 3dmark across board, ut:botmatch, ut:flyby) axp (ss)
    anandtech- p4 (ut:botmatch, q3a, jk2, c4) axp (ut:flyby) [most of these NO axp broke the top 5...]

    Son, got some news for ya... if that's "winning" the majority in games... I wanna be a looser. Also be aware of the testing criteria, amd was suggesting making system mods that basically pooch your system for any expansion purposes. Did xbitlabs do those mods? Toms cited them and turned down doing the mods... could that be why toms was so different from the other sites (xbitlabs?) that you read? hmm...

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