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Are there any games that have a code set designed specifically for the above mention technologies?

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  1. The quake3 engine is dual cpu capable. But the performance gain is very minimal.

    Most modern games have some sort of optimisations incorporated.
    I know that Serious Sam has 3dnow and SSE enhancements.

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  2. What about Doom3?

  3. Maybe sse and sse2 optimized, but i will doubt it will work with dual cpus, and i dont see what sort of gain you would get as doom 3 relies heavily on your videocard
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    Undoubtedly yes.

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  5. DirectX and OpenGL will (should) use SSE, SSE2, 3DNow!, dual processor and Hyper-Threading technology if present. Many other libraries use low-level assembly optimizations transparantly to the user and even the application programmer.
  6. From my understanding of it, Q3 SMP mode was really for older machines before the days of fast videocards and will probably slow it down. I have dual processors, but my board (A7M266-D) for some odd reason does not like to play quake in smp mode for more than 2 seconds without freezing. I would guess that more and more games and programs with be multithreaded in the near future because of intel's use of hyperthreading on all their newer products.
  7. Most games would not be optimized for SSE/SSE2/3DNow! or SMP. The time-to-market for games is very demanding and it's usually better to just compile without any intensive optimizations and release the game 6 months early than hire SIMD programmers and/or parallel programmers and have the game run twice as fast.

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  8. I'd say this is true for many games where performance is not a terrible issue, but I wouldn't say "most" games. Lots of libraries do the SIMD optimizations for us and performance would probably be halved if they didn't. And in the game code it only takes a few days to spot the bottlenecks and optimize them. Any worthy game programmmer knows a bit of assembly.

    But what the poster probably meant is, is it useful to have a dual processor with SSE2 support for gaming? My answer is no. If the game doesn't run on a single processor, it's not a good game. SSE2 is not very useful for games because it processes two double-precision floating-point numbers in parallel. SSE on the other hand processes four single-precision floating-point numbers in parallel. Since double precision is nearly never needed in games, only SSE makes a difference.
  9. As I recall, much of the pre-optimized libraries provided by Intel for their ISA extensions are for video/media applications. Not many are for 3D rendering. There may be other libraries out there, however, the usage of these are limited.

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