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For those of us that lived through the 70's and 80's lived by the Sony Walkman, as our home audio. Listening to those "mix tapes", trying to wind back the tape when our tape player tried to eat it... etc. What found memories these devices have provided to our youth growing up. Well, as of Oct 25, 2010, It has been officially retired after 30 years of service. Many of you may had the same feedback as I did... it was still around with the age iPod's, Zune & MP3 players in general, however, it had stood the test of time until now.

Let's all take a moment in silence and pay our respects to this giant in Home Audio... without it, we won't have our iPod's of the day!! [:tapko:3] Please share with us your fondest memories of the Walkman! :)

Article: http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/wireStory?id=11960956
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  1. I could never get into them. I guess the car stereo was enough. My first really portable music device was a light radio headset in the early 90's.
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