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Hi! I am using intel for quite some time, but now i wana go for AMD. Right now i am using P4 1.80GHz(512KB> OC to 2.40GHz and M/B Asus P4S333. Now i wana know which AMD processor should be best for me in a reasonable price and must have 512KB cache, i am going to use a MSI KT4V M/B. and i wana know which processor on this MSI board can be over clocked at its maximum with out changing the VCORE settings. One more question is that Is AMD is Better in Speed than Intel Should i be uprading to Intel or AMD.
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  1. Which is better is a highly debatable point, look at any one of the few hundred posts with 'intel' and 'amd' in the title...

    I would say at the high end segment of the computer world, intel is the only choice (It's only marginally more expensive (in some cases) and performs better-- AMD has gotten a bit.. uh wild of late in their high end (>2600) pr ratings), at the mid and lower range (1700-2500) amd (It's much less expensive and performs on par or better in some cases.)

    Shrug, this is really kinda a trolly post being that there is at least one of these posts on every page of the cpu forum for the last 10 pages or so :P

  2. You have P4 1.8 OC to 2.4 The new 2.4c can OC to 3.6 So why not stay with Intel Buy Asus P4C800 Mobo. Since you have an Asus Mobo all ready. 2.4c best bang for the Buck. Unless you wait till Wed when Intel releases 3.2c
  3. First read all the other posts in this forum of AMD V Intel. Second AMD is the way to go if you want to overclock from the cheapest point possible. The Athlon T-Bred B 2100+ can usualy get up to 2.2gighz and the new 1.5Volt versions can sometimes get 2.5Gighz or maybe higher I have heard from some people. Thats on good air cooling. If you want top of the line performance though intel is what you need. It all depends on how much you want to spend.

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  4. If you're a rich douche bag and have $$ up the ass, then go buy the 3gig intel 800 FSB w/HT. If you're on a budget or so, go to and compare intel vs. AMD prices. You will see AMD has much cheaper prices in the mid to low end, which by the way can be OCed very well.
  5. AMD is always better. Even when Intel wins benchmarks, it's only by cheating. Intel cheats by using faster clocked CPU's...

    At least that's the troll opinion. Now for the truth! You already have a CPU that can match most reasonably price AMD products. Perhaps a new board would give you more OC potential, and you can upgrade your CPU later. Prescott is in a few months, will work with the latest 875P boards. You could get an 875P in the near future, push your current CPU to the max, and wait for Prescott.

    The new board alone should give you around 10% better performance.

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  6. It really still depends what you want to do. Most games (not thier sinthetic benchmarks) still run better on AMD.
    Actually if you need something that is processor heavy, Amd is the way to go. If you want a really expensive ram controller buy the intel and if you need something that does multimedia for about three grand, buy an apple.
  7. Well, that simplifies things!

    Where did this crap come from that AMD is faster in games? I think that's a dangerously broad statement considering how many benchmarks the P4 wins. And no, I'm not talking about the synthetic variety either.

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