Logitech X-530, Can i blow the sub?

I just recently purchased a logitech x 530 computer sound system. I like listening to music loud, and really enjoy bass. I usually have my sub turned up to about halfway. I would like to go ALL the way but am worried my sub might blow up. When i put it this high it vibrates heavily and the air coming out of it is immense. So basicially what im asking is: Is it safe to have sub on the highest setting?

P.S the music i listen to is Dubstep and other bass intensive music

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  1. Once it's audibly distorting (try disconnecting the treble speakers so you can hear what's going on) it's too loud and you may cause damage.

    That's if the neighbours don't sort you out first.
  2. Could you please explain what distortion actually sounds like? I allready know what you mean, but because i listen to alot of dubstep (which sounds distorted on purpose) it is extremely difficult to hear what is actual distortion and what is made to be in the song.

  3. Well, don't listen to that type of music when testing. Classical, simple acoustic pop, speech will soon reveal distortion if played too loud for the equipment.

    The problem is often not the speaker itself but the amplifying section which when over-driven produced spikes which will damage the speaker. These are audible as distortion.
  4. You can play ballads that produce big bass sound, like electric base guitar and when it belches or anything that does not sound like in the record, it is distorted.
  5. basically if its distorting ur hearing sounds that ur not meant to.

    theres usually large difference between the sources material distortion ( ie music: electric guitar) compared to the distortion on ur drivers. (ie droven to clipping)
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