My first pair of studio monitors, need advice for right buy

Hi all, i am a fan of this forums, i read it every day but finally i needed to register in order to post my doubts and receive some help.
I'll try to be quickly for not boring you.

I am from Argentina and in my country the things are very expensive.
I am an audio lover, and have a good ear. I listen all kind and type of music absolutely ALL.
I love the sound of studio monitors and flat or similar detailed sound(i want only good sound quality and detail and no fatiguing), i don't like too much the hi-fi equipment, and in my country is VERY VERY expensive, something good is minimum u$s 2000.- too much for me. With u$s 1000 i can't buy anything good in hi-fi speakers.

Right now i listen music in a Sony MDR 7506, i love them and with a pair of cheap speakers "Edifier R1900T3" the woofer is of 5" so i can't get a good bass response in some tracks, and they aren't so good in sound quality because they are cheap but for the price is ok(u$s 180). I want a pair of studio monitors to place in my desktop to everyday listening music, i don't want to produce or mix anything and i want a buy for years and years, it's a critical inversion for me.

My room isn't too big(4m x 4.5m) but in a future i am going to live to another house and may be i will have another room. I place the speakers on a desktop which is always located near the wall so may be i must choose a studio monitors with bass reflex on the front instead of rear?¿

In my country is very hard to listen and try these kind of speakers, i only could try the RP5G2, RP6G2 and VXT4.
Firstly i wanted to pay max u$s 600 but if there is too much difference between studio monitors i can go up to u$s 1000 or u$s 1200 max. but only if it's worth it...
In my country i saw these monitors with they respective prices:

Mackie MR5 u$s 750 - Mackie MR8 u$s 1000
KRK RP5G2 u$s 550 - KRK RP8G2 u$s 770
Yamaha HS50M u$s 679 - Yamaha HS80M u$s 1125
Samson Rubicon R5A u$s 650 - Samson Rubicon R8A u$s 925
Behringer B3031A u$s 912
KRK VXT6 u$s 1150
KRK VXT 4 u$s 800 and in a future i can add a subwoofer KRK 10S u$s 650

Adam A7, Dynaudio BM5A and Mackie HR8240MKII u$s 2000 aprox, so they are impossible for me, i know they are the best :D!

I liked the RP5G2 but i liked a lot more the VXT4 but i am worried with the rms power output(a bit low) and with the bass response, but in a future i can add a sub.(But it's aprox the double of the price of RP5G2 for example).
The other models i can't listen them.

Thanks and sory for my english, isn't perfect.
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  1. forget the yamaha and the samsons,

    and choose from the rest.

    my option wuld either be mackies or the bhringers, but the beringers are properly more suited for u, since the ports are at teh front allowing them to breathe, sound quality wise, they wont be too much differences between the two.
  2. finally my room is 2.5meters x 2.8 meters lol... too small

    so a 8" speaker is an over kill

    i discarded the yamahas
    so may be, the VXT are the best option... any more opinions?
    in a future i can get a sub if i change of home to a bigger room.

  3. OK finally i made a decision so i need our opinion in order to reach it.
    The last advice please :D.

    I discarded all monitors except KRKs because they aren't overpriced in my country like the yamaha or mackie for example. They are in a very very good price, so:
    I have three options.

    1)Get a pair of KRK RP5G2 for u$s 550 and later add a sub when i can treat my room or change the house
    2)Get a pair or KRK RP8G2 for u$s 770
    3)If is worth it, i can go with VXT4 u$s 800 and later add a sub, but a lot of more money than the other options, a sub is about u$s 650 so the total is u$s 1450, the same price of Dynaudio BM5A for example. For u$s 2000 i have Mackie HR828MKII or Adam A7X but it's a LOT OF MONEY and don't have the bass extension of the other options. Too much so discarded.

    So, what is the best option? Shoul i go with RP5G2 and later add the KRK 10" sub. Go with 8" with no sub, or paid more money for VXT4(more quality) and later add a sub?¿
  4. I second the KRK's. I have some E-Mu's...they only make one model...and am very pleased with them for both mixing and playback of audio and movies. If you are serious about your music, then you should look at getting an "AUDiO" sound card...don't confuse the audio card with a gaming card. At one point I had one of those M-Audio Audiophile cards. The sound is amazing for the money. If you have a Mac, then look at the Apogee Duet.
  5. if u just want to listen to music itd be better to get HI-FI speakers instead.
  6. I'm with MEgamer on hifi speakers. I use mid price KEF from the 1970s bought secondhand with cosmetic damage to the cabinets. Upgraded the crossovers -- powered by elderly Mission Cyrus 50 watt amp. Cost next to nothing.
  7. studio monitors (ones aimed for producers of audience with gd speakers) tend to have very flat frequency response, and can sound dull, most i know of are near field monitors. ....unless ur thinking of genelec and klein & hummel.

    (Yamaha, 'garbage' speakers, for producers who make music for audiences with 'garbage' speakers. nahh jokes, but im fairly close to the truth me thinks.)

    ...and like filhart sed, indeed it is cheaper to get hi fi speakers and can sound just as good.
  8. MEgamer said:
    if u just want to listen to music itd be better to get HI-FI speakers instead.

    I had the same thoughts but he did say: "I love the sound of studio monitors and flat or similar detailed sound(i want only good sound quality and detail and no fatiguing)..."

    Nothing like some good speakers, tube amp, DAC, etc., but I guess some like the cold flat sound of digital.
  9. lol that aint nessecarily true about cold sounding lol

    anyway most music produced out there are done through reference monitors, so you could say they are the 'real' speakers.

    same goes for live PA speakers.

    no matter how expensive commercial speakers they are still considered 'home' speakers.

    this is just my point of view, so ye ur right yoder, if he does want the cold sounding speakers. fair enuff on him :)
  10. OK, after about a month of reading a lot of forums and reviews in two weeks i'll buy a pair of KRK VXT4 and 10s Subwoofer.

    I considered that the VXT4 is superior than the entry level monitors(like Yamaha HS Series, KRK Rokits, Mackie MRs, Samson Rubicons, Behringers, M Audio, etc)

    And is good enough like the most popular and greatest monitors(like adam a7, dynaudio bm5a, genelec 8030). In my country these monitors are u$s 2000 a pair, and the VXT4 is u$s 800 the pair, so is a BIG difference and isn't worth.

    Plus i can add the subwoofer(u$s 700) to cover the low frequencies that these monitors can't cover, especially the VXT4.

    Plus the smaller woofer can cover better the mid frequencies than the 6" or 8" woofers.

    I am going to use the speakers as nearfields in my desktop sitting on my chair for listening music, and sometimes to watch some movies at about 2 meters of distance. So the RMS power is enough(i think).

    I am right in my conclusion? and thanks to all, very very useful all opinions,

    Regards and thanks again!!
  11. even 30 watts is plenty if listeing at 2 m

    near field tends to mean at the maximum of 1 m.

    other then taht you should be fine.

    but i still dont see why ud want to spend on monitors jsut to listen to music or movies.

    lol the OP answers questions for himself.....
  12. Again...check out the Behringer Truth Series...Very low priced very good sound!
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