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I am considering building my own gaming pc but it doesn't fit my budget right now. But i have 2 current computers that wouldnt get used. Im wondering how much you would pay for my laptop, here are the specs
- Compaq presario m2000
- New screen about 3 months ago
- 1 gig ddr ram
- Brand new wd80gig 5400rpm hard drive
- Intel Celeron M 1.3Ghz
- Windows 7 home premium
- Not beat up but has a few scratches on keyboard from watch
- Battery is in good condition
- All keys and ports work great, no dead pixels, cd rom drive works great.

I was thinking maybe about 350-300? Is that to high for something like this? I was thinking i should post it for $350 on craigslist cause people always low ball.

Also i know this is in the laptop forum but rather than making a new thread, how much would you pay for this desktop?
- Compaq presario sr1538x
- Brand new AGP ATI radeon hd4650 1 gig ddr2 memory
- 160gb hard drive
- 1 gig ddr ram
- Windows 7 home premium
- Amd Athlon 64 3300+ 2.4Ghz
- Mag innovasions lcd monitor 17" 1280 x 1024 resolution

I have no clue on the desktop i know its nothing great at all thats why im wanting to upgrade :D
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  1. 350 USD because it s used......i would say 400 at least if it as new.
  2. Sweet! Maybe a custom pc will be here in the near future :) what about the desktop though? Or should i go start a new thread about that?
  3. i was talking about the desktop :/
  4. if u sell the desktop for 400 and the laptop for 350, u got 750, which is a great amount. a couple 100 bucks more and you will have a superior gaming rig!
  5. Yeah i would be happy with 400 for the desktop too i mean its old technology haha ddr ram. I think i will definitely go that route now, now i gotta start reading up on building my own gaming rig!
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