Help finding a cheap ($700-900) but powerful gaming laptop!

I was looking for a laptop this Spring that is fast and built pretty much for gaming (if you build a gaming can do anything with it..)

Price range: $750-950
Looking for: something like 2.5-3.0 Ghz, 250-350GB Hard Drive, 4-8GB Ram, decent Graphics card - maybe something like nvidia's geforce 9800m. Screen size doesn't really matter. between 13" - 15" (13" is fine, the smaller the screen the cheaper). Blu-Ray player would be nice, but not a must.

I was looking at Sony Viao's SR or BZ series. If someone could tell me what they thought about it.

I checked browsed ebay a bit but I would like it brand new, not used.
Right now my school computer can run crysis warhead halfway between minimum and recommended (
So I would like the laptop to be around there'ish.

Even if one person can help me look for a good deal somewhere I will be ecstatic!
Thank you very very much! and if any questions please just ask I'll be checking back in the next few days.

edit: just read the FAQ on posting laptop finding help.
additional information: I live in the USA, New England region, battery life I would like around 4-6 hours, prefer Nvidia G.C's
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    I recommend the VAIO SR, but in my point of view the VAIO E is better. Furthermore, it is best if you wait until March for the Lenovo y460 which can play crysis at around 30 fps at 850 dollars, as well as being decent looking. With the VAIO E you should get around 25 fps at medium settings, as well as the laptop being BEAUTIFUL and thin.

    The Dell Studio 15 can also play games well for the price, but VAIOs are a better deal.

    Furthermore, isn't $900 a little shabby for CRYSIS WARHEAD? oh well, im not the consumer :D
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