Panasonic 1080i keeps powering itself down

My HDTV panasonic 1080i is about 7 years old. I replaced the lamp about 2 years ago at 10k hours. Today it keeps powering itself off. It come on with the picture and sound for one full minute then powers down with the red light blinking.
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  1. thats panasonic for you, at the moment i have a 4 month old panny got huge motion blur told panny got told there all like that and you see what you see get what you get, just dont buy panasonic tvs my next tv wont be. rate my £800 tv at 3/10
  2. I would suggest Googling the diagnostic code procedure. I would offer you three suggestions: your lamp is toast, your ballast is toast, or you have a failing fan. Diagnostics blinky codes will tell you.
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