Need to install Windows PLEASE HELP!

Hey everyone.

I'm trying to get rid of a nasty computer virus that my computer caught yesterday morning. I basically have no choice but to format my hard drive and re-install Windows, it's just THAT bad of a virus.

Now, I've currently got Windows loaded up (I was finally able to get past the log-in part) and I've got the Windows 7 .iso files on my USB flash drive (I basically just copied all the files from the Windows 7 disc over to a USB flash drive)

I clicked on the setup.exe that's in my USB flash drive, and that ended up loaded up the "Install Windows" part of the setup.

If I'm correct, to re-install Windows on a hard drive with Windows already installed, you would have to format the hard drive in the process, SO, my question is:

Can I re-install Windows 7 HP (which is on my flash drive) and go through the entire process (including possible hard drive formatting) WITHIN Windows? Can I install Windows over top of my current Windows installation while I'm logged into Windows?
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    use this guide to make it installable from a usb stick. i prefer this method over the all in one tools which dont always work. a little legwork on your part but its effective.

    if you plan on doing a clean install (formatting hard drive) you can not do it form within windows and would need to have a bootable thumb drive i believe you can do the upgrade option but with a bad virus you wan a clean install anyways so just follow the guide linked.
  2. During the setup it asks where to install windows, and gives you some options. If you click on advanced(I think) it will allow you to delete the partitions. Once you have deleted all the partitions, you can tell it to install it to the unpartitioned space, and it will create a partition(using all the space), and format it and then start copying files and installing.
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