Toshibba recovery errors

My computer ( Toshiba Satellite L455-S5008) wasn't working so I tried doing a system recovery by holding down 0 and doing
the recovery of factory default software recover to out-of-box state and selected recover
out-of box state it got all they up to setting up for first time use and then it kept
having an error come up saying that an unexpected error had occurred do to unexpected
restart and something else can't remember and it need to restart. I hit the OK button and
the same problem kept recurring so I tried to restart then an error "Boot manager is
missing" kept coming up.
So next I pushed tried the " 0 on restart, then repeated my first step and then the error
ERROR: 08-0E89-0000 Partition creation failed. Please pre [OK] to turn off computer." I
don't have any of the recovery disk but I found online if I do it this way I wouldn't need
them. So then an error came up saying something in the lines of That a partition couldn't
be created. So I pressed ok cause it wanted to turn off the computer. So next I did the 0
button and selected out of box then on the next screen the 2nd option which was to "Recover
without changing the drive partition" then hit next says initializing the partition..." after a few minutes or maybe longer an error message about insufficient space on hard drive comes up.
The hdd doesn't make any noises and the led idicator light for the hdd blinks and comes on then goes off but usually stays on when I try do to a recovery, it did the first time all the way through till setting up for first use. And I have windows 7.
Is this a hdd problem or do I just need to buy the recovery disc?
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  1. You'll need to test the hard drive to find if there's a problem with it, as it's not possible to be certain about that unless you test it. Test it with drive manufacturer's diagnostic software whose links are here (you'll need to use a DOS version which runs from a bootable CD:
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