Can the alienware m11x play gta4?

im looking to get the m11x, or something better, but first i want to ask if the m11x can play gta4. it dosent need to be max hd (have you seen how small that screen is, anything will be fine) but can it play and does it have an ok frame rate. im asking because the m11x is really my cheapest portable game comp option. if it can, im gettin it
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  1. Yes it can,it has a GT 330M and its capable of running it on medium-low settings.
  2. It is also possible to upgrade to the higher geforce 350m to get vbery high framerates. After all, If you want a gaming laptop it should be a good gaming laptop!
  3. If you don't mind playing GTA IV on low settings then go for it. I wouldn't but it's up to you :p.
  4. 1st of all you cant upgrade to the 350 & 2nd it will play gta4 at high settings in 720p. It will play the majority of new titles in high settings in 720p. Trust!
  5. I've been playing it on mine, the only real problem is you need to have a dvd drive attached with the disc in to start it, after that you can unplug it, no dvd fixes don't work.

    The M11x can handle all settings on high at native resoloution (1366 x 768), but you must use a veiw distance less than 20 to ease the load on the CPU. Oh yes, you must have overclocking enabled in the BIOS or GTA will be a slideshow...

    This game lags on my desktop with a 3 GHz quad core, so I was pleasantly suprised it ran at all on a CULV laptop!

    Hope this info is what you need, Rob.
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