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I'm trying to change the "Music" location from "C:\Users\User\Music" to "D:\Users\User\Music". I am unable to edit the path on the "Music Properties-->Location" tab. I have tried everything. I cannot type or delete the path from the path field. I can edit any other special folder location (My Documents; My Videos, etc...). I went through the registry and changed any "C:\Users\User\Music" to "D:\Users\User\Music". In desperation, I also changed all "%USERPROFILE%\Music" to "D:\Users\User\Music" (yeah, I know). Nothing changes the location in the location field of the Music Location tab. I rebooted after every change to the registry. I deleted the "Music" folder, rebooted and tried to edit the new "Music" folder with no joy. Any ideas of what might be going on? I'd hate to delete and then recreate the profile owing to the fact that I just spent half a day setting it up. This computer is on a domain and no other users are experiencing this problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin G
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  1. Dunno, I just opened an explorer window, right clicked on music in the left hand panel and choose "include a location", picked the new folder, clicked on the default one and clicked remove, opened the music and it went to my E drive right away.
  2. Yes, I did that too. Problem is, the Music folder on the left redirects properly whereas the "special" Music folder is empty. I have two different Music folders.
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