Suggest me an ultimate surround system for all my needs?

first post, found this site on google. keep in mind i have like no audio speaker background. only things i've used and setup are monitors and subs at clubs/bars which are all xlr connections

my requirements and needs

-need it for tv (i don't have a big hd tv yet but plan to get one soon. lcd 120hz 1080p etc etc so a nice tv) - not sure what audio outputs they use...rca?
-need it for pc (3.5mm, i have a 3.5mm to rca though)
-need it for my dj system (xlr or rca)
-big sub, i love deep loud bass
-at least 5 speakers (for surround), but i don't want those tiny tweeter things because i will blow those with my dj system, want like mini monitors or something
-price- no idea, under $1000?

suggestions? comments? again, please keep in mind i have little knowledge in this topic
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  1. samsungs, sony or any other similar electronic brands may not be good use when connected to disc console/ DJ/ sound desk.

    will end up with blown drivers.
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    u might want to look into a large active speakers, and a pre amplifier, doesnt matter whether its proffesional or consumer one.

    preferably go for consumer pre amps, as they have technology for surround sound and have easy access when have multiple amount of connections.
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