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About 3 months ago I bought a Belkin n52te to help me improve my standing while playing GRAW2 online. While my game response time has improved and brought me a bit closer to the top of the rankings, I can't say I'm too happy with the n52te.

For one, even the forum on Belkin's website is discontinued... I suspect it's because of the negative feedbacks! The hardware is fine -even nice- but the real problem is the software. Every so often the firmware doesn't work and needs to be reinstalled and creating even simple macros is frustratingly difficult and instructions are a bare minimum.

I realize this product is a combined effort from Belkin (hardware) and Razor (software). But at the end of the day, it is Belkin's name on the product and thus, it reflects poorly on the company. Either Razor has to step up to the plate and provide adequate support or Belkin should drop this weak partnership.
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  1. I agree that it was disappointing that Belkin shut down the n52te forums....But they WERE full of negative posts...
    Having said that, however....I wore an old regular n52 completely OUT, and replaced it with an n52te, and although I do prefer the old programming software, the te does work great...It's simply the best and fastest FPS controller on the market...
    I don't think Belkin even makes the n52 of either type any more, which is a shame...I can use any controller in the world I want to, but nothing comes close to the power and flexibility the n52 series provides...
  2. "nothing comes close to the power and flexibility the n52 series provides..." lol, are you a Belkin or Razor employee? On the positive side, once accustomed to the chosen key placements, the N52te is comfortable and does give an split sec edge in game. But the software is full of bugs: simple (1 or 2 key) macros work or not. I can't even get some keys to memorize anything! And while it is possible that I'm doing something wrong, there is no support for the product. If you can't figure it out on your own, tough.
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