My friend just fell to DELL!! NOOOO

Damn, my friend just spent some money from dell online. I told him not to and I would help him build, but he *jumped* for their fee upgrades and nonsense. The funny thing is, his machine will come with the new R9800 pro!! I was like WHAT??? That is such a waste of good graphics card with that shitty dell. I can't wait for him to get it, so I can bench it and give him crap.

Another guy I know bought a e(conomy)machines at xp 2400. He benched it and I compared them at the futuremark website, and he wa no faster than some 1.8Ghz Celerons! LOL
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  1. LOL, thats why i never by off the shelf PC's, my first 2 PC's were an Acer and a then a Emachine. ever since then ive built my own.
  2. My first computer was from a computer store where i told them what I wanted, then they ordered it and put it together. About a year later I went shopping for a video card upgrade and when I found out what everything really cost I decided I could put these contraptions together myself. :)
  3. hehe exactly what happened with me!

    I only ate about a 500 dollar markup... but that would have got me another 8mb of ram or a much larger monitor at the time...

  4. Oh No He's been <b>DELLED</b>

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  5. Note: Dell does not suck.

    Dell offers good price/performance-ratio's. Not the best, but good. And ok, those sytems are not tweakable, but 95% of computer users never do.

    Conclusion: For 95% of the people, Dell does not suck.

    Thank you.


    <i>Then again, that's just my opinion</i>
  6. the only dell i'd buy from them are oens i can't build my own. Their laptops are nice and their pocketpc's are nice too! I would never buy their PC though!

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  7. i like Dells. Have you EVER seena dell? They are great! Especially for the user! Everything is setup already. You don't have to do anything but register office xp and set it up. But if you ever build a dell you would see that they even have the option to bring someone over to put it together for you. What other company does that?

    Dells are great. I buy them all the time at work. They are stable, they work, and thats all anyone cares about in the user world.

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  8. Well I guess since this is a tech forum and they type of ppl here have the knowledge to build their own systems, it's more popular for US to not buy prebuilt systems. On the otherhand, for the regular person, Dell coudlnt possibly be that bad. They might be paying a slight premium but as far as Ive seen Dell has pretty good pricing. Also you seem to think that just because it has a Dell logo on the case that it sucks, of course if the components are right it could possibly kick all of your computers' asses. Dell's also come with everything setup and someone you can call if something goes wrong which is priceless for the regular user who doesnt know or doesnt have time to fix stuff themselves. Now dont get me wrong I build by own computers but for the regular person Id imagine Dell is pretty awesome.

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  9. note: Dell does suck. Just like everyone else they charge a huge fee for their services and their computers blow smoke. My roommate parents purchased a del p3 733 machine for over 2000 bucks a few years back. It has onboard sound and video (non upgradeable) the mb was so outdated at the time of delivery, you can't even use ram with cl of lower than 3.0 (damn). Mind you at this time the p3 was only about a 250 dollar processor, and the rest of the parts combined were worth close to 500 750 for 2250$ great deal. oh but wait, it came with AOL for a damn to all hell. (still fighting them for our money back because they auto charged them for another year even though they never used the service).

    not convinced? Okay, my business ordered 150 dells p3 800mhz got a decient deal i think about 1000/computer. My stupid boss liked dell because of their next day business guarentee, if it breaks, we'll fix it type of crap. Oh and he ate that up like nothing else. And boy did he pay for it too...its not cheap having that service. I was responsible for setting up the 65 that our office got. Within one week 3 monitors went bad, 5 hard drives died, 2 MB's went south and a few other random problems like bad ram and stuff.

    That's way too high of a percentage to be appropriate.

    What dell is doing is selling their premium name and taking a $hit in the box and guarenteeing it (quote taken from Tommy Boy, RIP Chris Farley) THEY USED to be top of the line discount and great products compaired to gateway, compact etc...(much cheaper than those) and still had good quality. However they are soooooo big now that they are just like them. Anything for a profit quality out the door!

    Owell, i started to become friends with the repair guy, he was pretty cool. lol.

    to recap, before = dell was very cool now = dell is a ripoff they use crappy parts just like everyone else.

    Build your own machine or else...

    My friend also just bought a dell, he plunked down more than a down payment on a lexus would cost. WHY? because dell offered him a free cd burner if he bought within some period of time. WOW that free 24x burner....damn, worth $20 if he's lucky, definitly worth paying 500 extra for the computer which most likely isn't upgradeable. They build computers with inherent non upgradeablility so soon enough you will need to buy from them again...

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  10. Wow, 2 dell flame threads in a row.

    I'll repeat myself then I guess. I just got:

    P4 2.53Ghz
    128 MB PC2700 (Added 512 myself cause Dell charges too much)
    Radeon 9700tx (little slower than a regular 9700)
    48X burner
    80GB HD
    floppy, mouse, keyboard
    Xp Home

    For $580 with tax and shipping. Is that a bad deal? No. It's cheaper than I can build the system for if I buy all the components on Ebay. And if it breaks I don't need to fix it. If you buy from their small business area and wait for their once a month insane deal you can get a Dell for way cheaper than you can build them yourself. And it's way easier. Everyone that spent too much money on Dell's is a computer/internet/deal moron.

    not convinced? Okay, my business ordered 150 dells p3 800mhz got a decient deal i think about 1000/computer.

    Dell is selling 2.2Ghz celeron "E-Machines" right now for $312 each. Your purchaser is f-ing dumb if he wasted money buying from Dell, it's really hard to do that.
  11. *blinks*

    i never said dells sucked? i said i like dells. they are great systems. even my father likes them. u have to know my father i guess. i think you wrote this to the wrong guy maybe?

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  12. Hey dude, you are talking about P3 733's and 800's. That must be something like ... Yeah, 2 years ago. Now just go and have a look for your local site, but where I live, A Dell and a similarly configured custom built system (from the cheapest shop I know), cost roughly the same (5% difference is possible). But the Dell comes with quite some bit of software-licenses. So your price-argument is invalidated, I believe.
    Concerning the quality, I cannot say anything, apart from the fact that I own an (old) laptop from Dell, and it's running software when it's on. Read: 100% CPU load all the time. CPU temperature: 85° (Yes this is high, but it is controlled; at this temperature fan switches on and of every 5 minutes) Stable like hell. Haven't had a true crash in months with my Win2k. Other Dell-systems I've seen (incuding those at my faculty and at a company I have been working for) looked very nice, too. And most of all (and that's something that's quite rare nowadays), they are whisper-quite ... Though I have to admit those are computers from the Optiplex-line. So to me, quality looks good, too.

    Try convincing me again, but to me, Dell does not suck. (for 95% of the people, off course ...)


    <i>Then again, that's just my opinion</i>
  13. skater you wrote:
    Dells are great. I buy them all the time

    and in your previous post:
    I would never buy their PC though!

    kinda contradicting yourself aint ya? :lol:
  14. thats because you can't READ! If you read the whole thing i made it PERFECTLY clear that i BUY them AT WORK!!!!!! I don't have a choice in the matter boss tells me to spec out a Dell and order it.

    so yes i personaly would never buy a dell PC. I would buy their laptops because you can't build your own laptop. Dell also has the BEST deals for laptops too. But at work we buy Dell's all the time.

    I know i made that clear!

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  15. I know what you mean.....
    My friends mother bought one of emachines instead of instead of listening to me.... She payed nearly $400 more than she had to if she wanted a pos system like that :eek:

    There is no Spoon....
  16. emachines are good for the *ordinary* driving miss daisy types....
  17. lol chill i was just playing with ya :lol:
    i know i took those two quotes out of context but it was too tempting sorry
  18. ya

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  19. their pocket pcs suck I hate the axim! IPAQ 4 LIFE!

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  20. I think a Dell is a good deal if you don't already have a computer. But if you build your own then upgrades are going to be much less expensive down the road. Right now all I need is a new mobo, cpu, and memory and I've got a new computer for quite a bit less than $500 that will slaughter your cute little Dell. I have to admit it though, the Dell I sit in front of at work every day is whisper quiet.

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  21. ya because how many have you owned? and see that they all have the smae hardware ...

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  22. I don't understand what you said. Have you ever held a pocket pc in your hand? The axims are made out of crappy feeling bulky plastic, their screens are shat and most of them have underclocked x-scales at 300mhz the higherend ones are up to 400mhz with the rest but they lack wifi and good screens and are overall unpleasant to use. Compare that to the metalized plastic and smoothe curvy ipaq 5450 with a beautiful 3.8in transflective screen (bigger than the axim and much nicer looking) and the expansion sleves that can be used with the ipaqs to add pcmcia and cf and gps and everything you can think of. sure the axim can have pc cards but they have to hang out the top of them with a cf to pc card adaptor. meanwhile an ipaq can have a 5gb pcmcia hdd nestled into its silver slider. No one likes the button layout of the axim nor the d-pads they are budget ppcs and you get what you pay for.

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  23. i'll leave you and you're ipaq alone ;)

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