New hard drive in aspire 7741

how do i tell if the laptop sees the hard drive, is it in the bios?
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  1. Yes, it should show up in the BIOS. It will also show up in Disk Management in Windows which will allow you to format the disk and assign a drive letter and path. You can get to Disk Management by going to Start-> right click on "Computer" -> go to "Manage" -> wait for it to load, it might take a bit -> on the left side go to "Disk Management" and find the new drive. Right click on the new, unallocated, unformatted drive and select "Format." From there it's pretty self-explanatory.
  2. Aer you adding a drive or replacing the original one , a laptop will usually have space for one hard drive unless your adding an external drive.
  3. put a new hard drive in it, a blank hard drive, clean as a whistle, I see it in the bios, the bios does not show how mush space is on it. Is there a way to tell if the hard drive is working?
  4. All you really have to do now is run the Windows install disk and let it partition and format the disk.
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