Took apart GearHead wireless mouse, now it sometimes moves on its own

My mouse has worked perfectly for the past few months no problems other than going through batteries fast. But the other day the middle wheel button was not clicking, so i took it apart, looked at it and seemed fine, and put it back together. Now it clicks fine, but sometimes as random my cursor moves erratically on its own. It almost looks like the blinking light is causing it. so i took it apart again and cleaned the clean plastic thing, and the led, and there was this black cover that went over the blinking led and to a timer, and didnt know that one side was sticky and used a q-tip on it, i removed it but it seemed to not matter if i had it on or not, it still moved erratically.

So did i ruin it, or something i did wrong that can be fixed?
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  1. As with any device if you take it apart without an experience with what makes it work you risk it not working right once you put it back together. I know that you felt that it's just a mouse so how complicated can it be but as you can see there is something that didn't go back right.
    The mouse movement is determined by the laser so if anything is getting in the way of that laser like say the strands of a q- tip , something that you might not see but the laser will pick up that's what could be causing the movement. Maybe take some compressed air and try blowing it out.
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