1st-time builder...how's this one-notch-down P4?

Hi all. Finally building a system for myself, selected these components using a "one-notch-down" philosophy, i.e., nothing quite on the bleeding edge but still very good components for much cheaper than bleeding edge would cost. Plan to be playing games like Morrowind, Thief III, i.e. single-player RPG or stealth games.

All parts ordered from NewEgg.com. Have already got a 19" monitor, CD burner, sound card to add in. Did I screw up anywhere? Foresee any problems I missed? TIA!

Case: ANTEC Performance PLUS Model PLUS1080AMG- with Antec Original TRUE 430W P4 Power Supply ATX12V Retail - $123.99


Memory: CORSAIR MEMORY XMS Extreme Memory Speed Series, Low Latency (Twin Pack) 1GB(2 x 512MB) 2x(64MX64) PC-3200LL With Black Heat Spreader.Retail - $283.50

Motherboard: ABIT IC7, Intel 875P chipset for Socket 478 P4 Canterwood ATX motherboard RETAIL - $145

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 / 2.8 GHz Northwood 512K Socket 478 Processor 533MHz Processor Bus Retail - $255

Video Card: ATI All-In-Wonder RADEON 9700 PRO 128MB DDR 8X AGP RETAIL - $358

Plus an $8 floppy drive, total comes to: $1294.49. Shipping is an extra $30. How'd I do? I'm anticipating problems with the video card...
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  1. You are getting a canterwood mobo and not a fsb800 proc??? get the 2.8C or the 2.6C..They're better.
    Problems with Video card???What sort of problems. That thing rox!

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  2. Looks like an excellent config... but wait... OH NO!!! Don´t do that! :eek: <i>(533Mhz FSB? :frown: )</i>

    Try to get a 2.6C (for less money than the 2.8B, and more performance!) or a 2.8C (for slightly more money, but excellent performance! And it´s top-notch-down, indeed!)

    You might also consider saving the money for the Canterwood mobo and get a nice Springdale mobo, like P4P800 or something. They offer quite comparable performance, and for the cost difference, you can try to squeeze in more memory or a better video card... although that one is already tough to beat.
  3. Hello,

    From what I learned from the reviews, I think the Abit is not quite a good choice for the mobo. Performs not really good. Actually it was the worse contender in THG's review.

    For the rest it looks like a nice (but still expensive, to me, at least) system.


    <i>Then again, that's just my opinion</i>
  4. The Abit IC7 is a very good choice. The THG round-up does not reveal the true quality of Abit IC7/IC7-G. Read up on the Abit IC7/IC7-G reviews in <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=541047#541047" target="_new">this thread</A>.
  5. IC7 (non -G version) doesn't have LAN so get a NIC if you need one. Would only cost about $10-$15.
  6. Yeah, I actually put this config together a couple of weeks ago, and made the horrible mistake of ordering about three days ago...just a couple of more days and I could've gotten an 800MHz FSB processor. (cry) I don't know if I can return the chip, so if not, it's still going to blow away the crap rig I've had for years. Heh. And I'm planning on upgrading again in a year anyway, so...maybe it won't be so bad.

    Your guys' comments about the mobo are interesting though...what's the difference between a Springdale and a Canterwood motherboard?

    (P.S. I've got a decent WAN set-up, that's covered.)

    Thanks for your replies!

  7. Oh, and about "problems with the video card"...just meant that the Radeon has had some compatibility problems with some of the games I want to play (Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights, etc.), so I'll have to learn a lot of stuff about tweaking it...have used nVidia cards for a while and never tinkered much with them. It's actually a good thing, I should know more about that anyway.
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