Tape deck door jammed

I have an Aiwa twin cassette deck, AD-WX999. One of the doors will not open.
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  1. inside the deck is a moving transport, the transport engages the tape when the tape is played.
    When the transport is engaged, the tape is pressed against the head, the pinch roller has got hold of the tape.
    So now, the transport is stuck against the tape, and will not release the tape. The pinch roller has gotten hold of the tape, and can't let go.
    This happens when the belt, rubber roller, etc wears out, and the transport can't let go of the tape. The transport is stuck, can't move.
    However, manually turning (by hand) inside the transport, you may be able to find the pulley that moves the transport away from the heads.
    When this pulley is turned, the transport will let go of the tape, and the door will open.
  2. Another idea- If you can confirm that the tape transport mechanism has retracted the head\components from the cassette shell (by engaging play, stop, etc...) then you may have a problem with the door latch. There's a linkage from the button that leads the latch. Most likely the latch is jammed and needs to be freed up. Hope this helps out.
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