Need help on the best coolers for AMD

I have a Asus A7N8X del. and I have a xp 3000 cpu, but I don't know what to cool it with. Does anyone have any suggestions.
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  1. You appear to have deep pockets so I would get a high-end thermalright heatsink like SLK-800. Your choice of fan. <A HREF="" target="_new">SVC</A> would be a great place to purchase those two items.
  2. The boxed cooler is fine. I use it with my 3000+. But considering that you bought an OEM CPU, some 3000+ compatible coolers are :
    - GlacialTech CPU-Fläkt Socket A/370/FCPGA
    RetaiI Igloo2410 PRO Til 1,4GHz/ XP3000+
    - Arctic Cooling SLIM Silent Pro TC AMD 3000+/PIII 2GHz
    - Thermaltake VOLCANO 11+Xaser Edition

    Don't know about availability where you live though. Also, I have no absolute word on how good these coolers are, but I have had good experiences with at least, Arctic Cooling in the past. However, all these three coolers supports the 3000+ on paper.

    My system: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ CPU / TwinMOS 1Gb DDR400 / Soltek 75FRN-RL /
    Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro / Antec True Power 550W / Maxtor 80Gb ATA-133 / Hercules GTXP SC /
    Samsung DVD / Lite-On CDRW
  3. I woudn't say deep pockets, but I just want to be able to get a great pc. I have talk to people about cfms, but how low should the cfm's be. Do I need to take into acount the rpm's. How fast?
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