Dc7700 HD Sapphire 5450

Guy i have a HP DC7700 Small Form Factor.

Intel Core 2 duo e6300 @ 1.86GHZ.
2gb ddr2 ram.
80 gb hard drive.
240watt psu.

Mainboard :
HP 0a54h
chipset intel 965.
Bios: 786E1 v01.09

I got a sapphire hd 5450 1gb ddr3 but when i plug it in the motherboard and turn on the pc press the power button.
The red light beeps 6 times and stops and then beeps 6 times... And pc won't start. But after i remove the card it boots normally.
I am using windows 7 32bit sp1.
Please help me :sweat: :sweat:
I know it is old pc but can you help me please. :( :( :(
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  1. My first suspicion here would be that the graphics card was not fully seated. Try again, ensuring that the little catch on the back/bottom/heel of the card engages fully
  2. I updated the BIOS to v01.16. And still same problem :(. After pluging in the card i press the power on button cpu fans spin everything is powered on but the red light start blinking and the cpu beeps. Monitor says "No Signal". But when i take out the card pc works. Can you help me please? Do i need to do some changes in BIOS?
    I tried several time plug in and plug out...

    AND cpu z is showing the Graphics interface panel greyed out..
  3. 6 beeps indicates (usually) that an expansion card has failed. Is there another computer available to try the graphics card in? It may also be related to a keyboard failure - reinserting your keyboard plug while the machine is off may help. Also, ensure you have no firewire headers occupied by USB cables and vise-versa.
    Another possibility is that the PCI slot is bad - that's on the motherboard itself.
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