Best Color Laser All in One

Small business needing economical all in on. DELL is out of the running why?
RFID chip in the drum after x# of prints it simply stops working !
599.00 retail or less
HP ?
Oki ?

Main thing we are looking for is cost per color page and reliable.
if you could link any cost per page info. would like duty cycle of 50k +
the ? = iffy T.I.A.
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  1. no comment ?
  2. i will narrow it down Canon vs Minolta vs Brother
    any thoughts welcome
  3. come on no one
  4. I do not recommend you buy anything Canon. Their product support is atrocious.
  5. If you’re a small business you might want to consider Officejet Pro. It’s a high volume printing inkjet with 50% lower running costs than a laser. In an independent review, these are the cpp results: ‘its high-capacity black ink cartridge good for around 2,000 pages and costing just £26 including VAT, the price per mono print sits at just 1.3p: you can find lasers that print cheaper, but not many. You can also purchase a lower capacity black cartridge for £19, but lasting just 1,000 pages the price per print jumps to 1.9p. Each of the three colour cartridges costs £17 and last 1,400 pages, resulting in a price of 4.9p per colour print, which is well below that of most lasers.’ Link here to press review:
  6. Charlotte, you may actually work for HP's PR agency not their advertising agency but if HP wants to run advertising on this site I think people would agree they should pay for it.

    It's one thing defending HP's sorely tried reputation in your posts, it's another promoting specific products.
  7. Hi fihart

    Point taken and apologies for overstepping the line. Obviously I’m biased here - I’m not hiding that, but I was just offering this as a suggestion in response to jmr1969x’s specific question.

  8. Charlotte, in the future can you please make it clear that you're a HP employee so that the person you are replying to can distinguish your post from that of a third party? The majority of people here do not work for the companies they are discussing and it is generally assumed that all posters are "unbiased" in that regard.
  9. I have two HP L7780 Officejet printers. Bought the second one for parts, but that was futile. If they performed as advertised for any lenght of time, they would be good. They don't and are not. You'd better figure the cost of frequent printhead changes and frequent printhead cleanings, which use a lot of ink, in arriving at your cost per page. Not to mention the cost of interruption of business when they stop printing. I spent hours online with HP customer service tech once, but nothing came out of that but another printhead change. Just replaced the printhead for the last time, and with a new black cartridge I'm printing everything but black. Lately, it seems to work fine if no more than a couple of hours elapse between uses.
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