question bout Vdd in BIOS...

Okay, just put together new system for my parents. 1700 JIUHB DUT3C 0312UPMW w/ EPOX 8RGA+

Got the PC3000 hyper x in there and the following voltages:

CPU V: 1.75
Vdimm: 2.77
Vdd: 1.8

I know that more than 1.8V CPU is kinda bad and 2.8 is safe max for mem, so was wondering if the Vdd of 1.8V was safe for my chipsets?? I don't want to burn them, cause then my dad just wasted 700$....

Any opinions??? It's funny cause I can't seem to break 2.3Ghz. Did 200x11, 195x11.5 and can't freaking break 2.3GHZ!!! damn it!! Either get that beep beep beep noise/blue screen/freeze up in w2K.

I don't know what I should do?? My Sandra is this:
195x11.5 6221/3072(CPU) 2946/2782 (MEM)
200x11 6090/3007 3019/2841

right now at 195FSB cause the mem probably won't be taht much of a diff, so can someone help me reach higher????
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  1. I've got a similar XP1700, and I also seemed to hit a 'wall' at around 2.3Ghz.

    Some ppl can OC further by substantially increasing their VCore (1.8-2V) But I've decided I want a computer, not a toaster, so I've got mine at 1.55 or 1.6V (can't quite remember which), at 195x11.5 (~2245Mhz), for now at least. My advice would be that you've got an XP2900+ (ish?) for $40 or so, so be happy!

    If you really want to get higher though, I know some people stick a better cooler on the northbridge of the Epox Nforce2 boards, as the stock one is designed to look cool, not <b>be</b> cool.

    I might have another go at mine in a little while, but for now, I'm quite happy with it.

    :smile: :tongue: :smile:
  2. thanks, glad someone is in the same boat. Under Sandra, I've got it up to, 11.5 x 197 @ 2.27 w/ full Sandra Burn in stability (5 runs). I'll just leave it up to Sandra and not worry about Prime or memtest.

    Vcore about 1.76
    VDDR: 2.75

    Ain't gonna go higher cause I too don't want a toaster.

    Damn, just would be so much fun to break that wall....oh well, beat the sh*t out of my friends emachines 2400...LOL though that's not even a challenge.
  3. I have managed to boot at 200*11.5,(2300) but it always crashes after a few runs of sandra burn-in. :(

    I've never tried a Vcore higher than 1.85V - maybe it would help, but I don't want a 2.3Ghz PC for 2 months and then my CPU dies. I'd rather stick with 2.25 for a year or something.

    I've only decided my current 195x11.5 is stable after it did 200 runs of burn-in without problems. Still crashes from time to time, but I'm positive that's just because I use win98, and it's not known for being too great at keeping track of it's memory...

    :smile: :tongue: :smile:
  4. THATS YOUR PARENTS SYSTEM! I would kill for one like that, but I am getting my Canterwood/P4C to replace this 1.4GHz Williamette in a week or so.

    eBay, kick ass!

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