How to connect 5.1 home theater speakers to my desktop?

Basically i bought home theater 5.1 speakers and im struggling to make it work on my desktop.


It looks like i have SPDIF optical on my motherboard, But i have bought this cable after little search on the web

The good part is that my PC recognized the speakers s 5.1 but there is no sound. which depress me.

Thank you
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  1. PUMP
  2. Your cable is analog stereo cable, it's 3.5mm TRS male to male RCA. You can never get 5.1 on that cable unless the unit require such cable for SPDI/F connection.

    You can use SPDIF (coax) connection so you'll only need one RCA cord. Connect it to orange color or black RCA port on either side of the unit. Make sure it said SPDIF or Digital in on the Receiver and SPDIF or DIGITAL OUT on the motherboard. Now set the receiver on Digital SPDIF and your PC Sound Manager output to SPDIF and not 5.1 speakers.
  3. I just realize, you may not have SPDIF Coax if you didn't get the audio expansion card. However, you'll need a toslink cable and connect it to the optical port on either side of both units. SPDIF Optical Output on the motherboard and SPDIF/Digital Optical In on the Sony.
  4. I just bought the toslink and connected my pc to the RC. But for some reason my PC cant detect my speakers.
  5. You need to enable digital output in your Windows Sound control panel.
  6. Ok iwas able to enable it. I only hear music via front speakers only!!!

    What im i doing wrong here ?

    by the way my system recognized it as spdif digital. but with only 2 speakers working.
  7. Your source is only stereo. Try watching movies with DD 5.1 or DTS 5.1
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