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This is my first laptop and I need help; there was a lot of pre-installed software in the laptop all ready, which I think would be called bloatware, but I'm not sure. See, there seems to be a Toshiba something program for most of the laptops features and so I have no idea what I can and can't remove. If anyone who has this laptop could guide me through the steps, I'd really appreciate it. The only thing I am sure of removing is McAfee (I have MSE installed, and McAfee's expired :??: ).


P.S: I heard having two AVs installed will slow down your computer - since I have both MSE an McAfee installed, does this hold true with my laptop as well? Does that mean I might see a performance boost by removing one of them?
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  1. Please help - soon?
  2. Patrick.. same as you.. this is my 1st laptop. and i'm wondering why? my battery would only last for 1 and half hours when in power saver state then if not, it is only for 1hour.

    how is yours? how many hours your battery would last???
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