My vaio laptop is corrupted and i want to reinstall win7. My problem is the cd/d

My vaio laptop is corrupted and i want to reinstall win 7.
My problem is the cd/dvd drive doesn't work so I can't boot from that drive.
Also you can't boot from external drives with vaios.
I've tried running the win7 disk from an external drive and from the hard drive but in both cases it won't run? please help
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  1. You problem is related to the boot order of the devices in the bios section of the laptop.
    On the post screen of the laptop you have the option to enter the bios setup screen.
    The keys to press can be F1,F2 or Del.
    Once in the bios you need to select the boot option menu, there you should be able to select what device the laptop boots from first.
    If you have the option to boot from Usb, since the external cd/dvd drive is most likely to be the case set it to boot first in the list.
    Then save the settings in the bios. restart it should say press any key to boot from CD.
  2. Did you try Alt + F10 after Pwr on to restore your Vaio to factory settings?
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