Which laptop would be best for CAD and 3D modelling within $1500

i am an architecture student, looking for a laptop which would run CAD and 3d softwares smoothly, although i am not much of a gamer i do play games from time to time. my budget is $1500 max. i was checking ASUS and DELLs but most were made solely for gaming, couldnt find any laptops with nvidia quadros or ati firepros, i am also not sure which sites would let me customize accordingly. i am from Bangladesh, if ti helps.
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  1. $1500 is tight.....I run an engineering business and we buy these:


    Up the RAM to 4 GB, HD speed to 7200 rpm and grab the OS at school for $10 or so and you should be good to go.
  2. You need to determine if the 3D software is optimized for workstation cards, and if so what kind of performance difference it would make, in some cases it matters very little. HP and Dell have Quadro and FireGL based cards, you need to look at mobile workstation business offerings if you need one of those cards.

    I somewhat doubt you need a Quadro or FireGL card based on our architecture departments requirements (but I can't say without knowing what software you are using).

    If you do not need to render I would not bother with a quad core processor (As both links Jack specified are), a faster dual core will be better for non-rendering applications and fit into your budget better. I do agree with him that you need to up the HDD speed to 7200 RPM and the RAM to at least 4 GB (in a laptop format it is expensive to go higher so that is probably not feasible). Shoot for a core i5 or i7 processor.
  3. thanks for your replies guys. the softwares i use are autocad 2010, 3ds max design 2010 and google sketchup 7 pro.
    i do use these applications for rendering. currently i have a c2duo 2.2ghz desktop with a nvidia geforce 8500gt, i have no trouble with rendering, but it takes a lot of time.
    do you think the asus g51j or asus m60j would do the job? or any better suggestions, clevo or sager laptops arent available in our country
  4. as a student, you probably won't really be doing anything too complex with 3d modeling...but rendering can be intensive...you'll probably have lab computers for that.

    however, if you want to have a machine that can render decently, you will see a difference between a quadro and a geforce cards...

    hp has 2 workstations whose configured entry bundles will get you what you need for your budget. check out the 8440w and 8540w. also, you can get them for about $150 less and no tax/free shipping from third party vendors. the 3 year warranty is nice too once you get into workstation level machines....and being supported cards, if you have issues, you'll have the professional level card support to fix any issues that you won't have with a geforce.

    good luck!

  5. i just bought the asus n61jq-x1 from amazon.... got a great deal after waitimg a few months..for $1100 i got...
    core i7
    4gb ram
    ati radeon mobility hd5730
    usb 3.0
    havent got my hands on it yet....
    i guess it'll serve my purpose and i can do some decent gaming on it too..the notebook has quite a good reviews as well as a few bad ones...pls tell me what u guys think of it....this is my first laptop so any suggestions are welcome....
  6. Hi ppl,
    Im on the same spot deciding for a new laptop for 3d an rendering. Bad thing is that i gotta buy it from best buy because I have a credit card from there. Can anybody give me an opinion about this: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Dell+-+XPS+Laptop+/+Intel%26%23174%3B+Core%26%23153%3B+i7+Processor+/+17.3%22+Display+/+6GB+Memory+/+640GB+Hard+Drive+-+Silver+Anodized+Aluminum/1997251.p?id=1218305394306&skuId=1997251

    Thanks in advance!
  7. I'd go with the Lenovo W520... It's built for this kind of thing.
  8. dell laptops are the best latops for pro e and autocad and maya becouse it quilty is best and per for mance also

    igot a laptops of dell

    2 gb graphic card
    8 gb ram
    i7 processar
    1 tb hardisk
    windows 8 pro

    at amazingy price -----...............................;;;;;;;;;;;;oooooooooooooo.p
    only -40000rs
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