Worried about overloading my apartments electricals

So I did some calculations and I realized that the suite of electroncs in my living room alone has the potential for drawing around 2 kW peak, most of which is being drawn from one faceplate. This concerns me. It is unlikely that the load will ever get so large, as I have included in this figure a 1.2 kw power supply for my computer, but this computer does have multiple processors and hard drives (used to have multiple video cards, but have recently went from two 7800 gtxs in sli to a single 650 ti with 2gb of vram for its cuda capabilities (I'm a physics major) and ability to output 192-bit audio to my receiver via hdmi-out. Anyways, is it safe to put a 50" plasma, a 21" trinitron crt, a receiver, and a really big xerox color laser printer on the same surge protector? Am I going to blow a circuit breaker? There are only two outlets in my living room and the other one would have to cross over an area designated for foot traffic. They might even be on the same circuit breaker. Hell, all the plugs in this apartment might be on the same circuit breaker, in which case I'm totally f@#*ed, since it`s my understanding those things are only rated for 1.65 kW (assuming 110v power).

What should I do?
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    If you haven't tripped the breaker yet then that's a good thing , but long term continued use will eventually have an effect on the breaker. It will become weaker over time and eventualy will start tripping with less power draw.
    Try talking to the maintnence person and see what info you can get for your apts electrical system.
    Using one outlet is also not good and when you have a lot on if you put your hand on the outlet I'll bet you it's warm or even very warm. The outlet plug can also get weak and brittle over time with high useage.
    Your power supply will only draw what it needs and even though it's 1200w it doesn't draw that, you can use one of the free power calcuators to see what your things ae drawing from the psu.

    You can also see if there is a possability of adding another outlet , but that might cost you and it would depend on what your long term plans arer.
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  3. Thanks, turns out my computer only pulls half a kilowatt at full load, which brings my system well within norms.
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