Hitachi hd 1080 activation code to add as a device to my computer/netflix

I need the activation code and instructions on how to add my Hitachi HD 1080 tv to my gateway computer and Netflix devices. When my internet was set up they did connect the computer to the tv. I have picture but no sound. What do I need to do ?
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  1. Generaly a tv does not need an activation code to connect it to anything. Connecting it to a computer is just a matter of plugging in the cable from the computer to the tv. If you have picture and no sound then it may be a setting in the computer that needs to be changed. Go to the control panel and select Hardware and sound and make sure that your sound options are set for it to be through the tv.
    For connecting to other devices for Netflix you need to have an account with Netflix and then you need to be connected to the device and online with your computer to activate the device through Netflix. The device would then be able to display the Netflix content on your tv.
  2. The TV would how the code when you try to start Netflix. Instructions would be in the manual that came with the TV, or you can find one on the support web site.

    If there is no sound from the computer to the TV they probably just did not connect the sound cable, get one (3.5mm to 3.5mm probably is what's needed) and run a cable from the headphone jack to the TV.
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