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Note: This first post may contain some inaccurate information, one of my later posts explains why.

We've thrown tons of money at Microsoft to keep pumping out crappy software, now look what we'll probably be getting in the near future as a "present".

As a big time support of amateur coders who don't get paid for their work (by the way, plenty of amateur software is for totally legal purposes), I don't like the idea of everything having to go through Microsoft. It's unlikely small developers will be able to get certification easily. It will also have no benefits I consider worthwhile, will probably have bloated code to support these "features", and will allow them to rip us off even more by giving them the choice not to authorize your PC to run competing products. Plus the censorship applications are staggering.

I think a boycott of any software that uses this is in order. Fortunately we won't have to deal with it for a while yet.

By the way, this is what the "Consumer Broadband and Digital Telvision Promotion Act" (deceptive name) thing that some people in the US government want to pass uses. Basically, the act would require all PCs sold in the US to support TCPA. As well, all software developers, including amateur and open source, would have to comply. Which brings up another question: how bad does the US want to cripple the IT industry?

I think I've said enough. Spread the word.

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  2. Hm... now I´ve got it. I was looking forward to reading something on Palladium, but didn´t find the time to do so. But now I just did... And oh boy.

    In my opinion, this Palladium iniciative has the potential to destroy what is one of the greatest strengths the internet actually has - the free flow of information. Besides, pirating <i>doesn´t</i> hurt Microsoft! As if they didn´t have enough money already to do whatever pleases them! This is an initiative that isn´t really about "opening up new possibilities". The Internet already offers all of them (please name me one thing that can´t be done right now and will be enabled by Palladium that doesn´t involve money!), it´s about closing unwanted possibilities - or rather, charging for what is now free.

    I don´t know what the consequences of this Palladium iniciative will be - and I doubt Mr. Fritz knows it as well. I don´t see any advantage in it. It´s all about the money, I guess... How frustrating. :frown:

    <i>aaahhh I just got it! Microsoft wants to rule the world... If they could get 10% of the chinese to legalize Windows, they´d sell 100 million copies of it! And if buggy, 100 million patches! And if incomplete, 100 million extra packs! :eek: </i>
  3. But I was thinking... Isn´t there something that can be done - and I mean NOW? On the net? Or something?
  4. Convince me to go to Red Hat. Problem solved
  5. I've decided to create a forum about this. I'm hoping to unite users from a bunch of forums on this.

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    BTW does anyone have a suggestion for a better thread title?
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    Certainly a title like "combat TCPA and palladium" is more appropriate for such a thread.
  7. This is about more than money, it's about power and control. It's about polarizing the programming community and demonizing those that don't comform. If Microsoft decides to embrace this they will find out what every oppressive entity in history has found out. People like their individual freedoms and choices and will unite against somebody who tries to take them away.

    But that's just what I think.

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  8. I have only read the first few paragraphs of this document, so I don't know wether this is explained in the text or not, but am I right if I say that with this Palladium-thingie, only programs who require themselves to be verified, won't be able to run if pirated, and that other programs who really don't care (such als free- and shareware), will be capable of running?
    If not, this would be really absurd. Indeed, amateur programmers won't even be capable of running their own-developed software on their own computer. I think this just isn't going to happen ...

    Microsoft isn't <i>that</i> evil ...


    <i>Then again, that's just my opinion</i>
  9. I hope crackers will make palladium a joke like "Product Activation" of Windows XP

    All sorts of so called "protections" only increase sufferings of people who leagally purchase software.

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  10. the world is run by corporations.

    if it ever does get like that, i will abandon PC's. and any other media that used rights management. even if it hits TV

    there ARE other thigns to do that dont involve a monitor or tv (tv is a monitor)


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  11. I agree. I hope this Palladium thing can be hacked. Or else the PC industry will take a serious hit.
  12. Quote:
    there ARE other thigns to do that dont involve a monitor or tv

    Is there? Is there really??? :eek:

    You are right, but I find it very hard to imagine a life without me using a computer ... Call me a nerd, or an idiot (which I am obviously not :tongue: ), but I think it's that way.

    And now, back to "Significant parameters in Convective Heat Transfer" ... Joy ...


    <i>Then again, that's just my opinion</i>
  13. One guy point me to this document. Apparently the previous link has some misconceptions.

    Now I really don't know what to think.
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    I´ll read it and comment later...
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