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I have been doing a lot of work on designing my system i will be building in august of this year. If you could please rate my setup 1 - 10 . reasons/suggestions appreciated.

I would also like to add i will most likely be sticking to this exact layout with very few changes if any at all, i have designed this system for the ability to upgrade in the future and be the best bang for my buck gaming system i can make.

Case - Cooler Master ATC 201-B $169.00
+ 4 Fans ( Blue LED )

Power Supply - Enermax 550w $149.00

Motherboard - ABIT Ic7-G $228.00 note: i know it didn't perform well in original testing, however after reviews on many pages, i feel it can be OC to par with other boards and offers many upgrades for future expansions , more so then my other option of the Asus Deluxe.

CPU- p4 3.0mhz 800 $350

RAM - Corsair 1 gig (512 x 2) XMS 3500 $270

Monitor - Hitachi 19" cm 772 $300

Video Card - ATI Radeon 9800 pro 256 mb $400 .. this may change to nvidia, however atm i feel ATI would be the better solution, of course the price is also going to be quite lower by the time i get the system.

Sound Card - SB Audigy 2 $112.00

Hard Drives- Main OS/Games - Western Digital Raptor $146
Storage - WD spec Edition WD800JB 80GB $89.00

.. in future i may go with a RAID, however i don't have knowledge and time for it atm, so i will go with a main drive with a slave storage. hopefully these drives will give me the speed i desire in this setup.

DVD/CD - Pioneer slot load $50

CPU Cooler - Vantec Aeroflow VP4-C7040 $33

Speakers - Logitech THX Z560 4.1 dolby $140

Keyboard - Logitech Black Elite $36

Mouse - Logitech Mx500 $46 (not cordless of course)

EST Total $2500.00 US

The way i figure it by august most of this stuff will have dropped and shave off about $500 dollars, that will go towards software and other add-on's, but as this system stands, what do you guys think.

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  1. Very powerful system. High quality components. Looks to be quite the success! ;)
  2. Looking Good...

    Asus A7N8X Deluxe
    80gb Maxtor
    Lian-Li PC-60
    Lite-On 52X
    AMD XP2800+
    LeadTek GeForce 4 Ti4200 w/vivo 128mb 8x
    Hitachi CML174
    1 GB Corsair XMS PC3200 Cas2
  3. Some things on other boards that have come to my attention, is mushkin ram better? Someone says Zalman CPU coolers are awesome.. ?
  4. * Stay with the Corsair.

    * I'm not familiar with the Zalman.
  5. With 10 being the most badass kick ass system evAr, I give you an 8.

    Get logitech Z680's, RAID an maybe dual monitor action and you will be a true player.

    Also, don't make any hard drives as slaves. Make sure they are the masters on separate channels. Unless you're talking SATA, then i'll shut up.
  6. System looks awesume. You will be ab;e to upgrade for the next couple of years. Ram stay with Corsair XMS PC 3500.
  7. Looks great, the only thing I might do differently is maybe go with Klipsch's 4.1 system since it doesn't have the absolutely overwhelming sub. But that depends on your sound tastes.

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  8. I agree with the others that it will be a kick-ass system. Since you're planning on buying two hard-drives anyway, why not build a RAID 0? That would virtually eliminate the one potential bottleneck in your system.

    I agree the choice of speakers could be better. On the other hand, maybe you don't want to spend $300-plus for speakers. I like the Megaworks 6.1 THX system myself.

    Other than that, looking good...

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  9. Why not get two of the raptors now as the board has sata raid.Then the only bottleneck you will have will keep your beer from spilling.
  10. I actually reccomend the Abit board. It uses high quality capacitors, and with new BIOS, it is on par with the Asus. It has one of the best layouts I have ever seen on a P4 board. I would get 2x80GB WD800JBs, the raptor is small, expensive, and not much faster than the WDs. I would reccomend this case <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>, I use one myself and it is a pretty quiet, high quality tooless case with A+ cooling and a mobo tray. I would also buy a Prescott since they will be out by then. If not, I would stay with the 3.0 GHz processor since it will have come down in price and is overclockable.

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  11. I don't know AMD_me. I'll have to respectfully disagree. ;) From the reviews that i've read, it appears that the raptor would significantly outperform the Western Digital Special edition hard drives. Here's one of the <A HREF="" target="_new">articles</A> I've read. Your thoughts?

    I remember reading that the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 SATA hard drive is a top notch performer also.

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