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I have placed 6 fans in my case for just a AVR (Bottom), DVR (Middle) and Blu-Ray Player. I want to use the air flow of the unit as it was designed (and not go against it). I have two fans under the AVR gently helping the up-flow. I have two fans above pushing the heat through the DVR from one side and two fans pulling the heat from the other side of the DVR. There are no sides on my cabinet.

Should i pull heat from the back of the unit, or is this cross-flow o.k.?
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  1. You should put 3 fans at the top extracting hot air and 3 fans blowing cold air. Option 1: Spread 3 Fans at the top & 3 fans at the bottom Option 2: 3 fans Spred fans at the top only.

    Or 4 fan on fans at top extracing hot heat and two fan at the bottom blowing cold air.
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