Wacom Intuos Cursor Problem.

Hi I am having a problem with my tablet when using Mirage. When I go to paint there is some sort of offset with the cursor, it paints to the left of the actual cursor. T_T It is only in mirage that I have this problem, photoshop is fine. Also I only have the problem on my desktop, my laptop is fine. I have reinstalled both Mirage and the drivers for the tablet. All that did was make it paint slightly less to the left than before, but it is still offset. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. If you're using a tablet with a pen you may need to calibrate it.
  2. I 't think I do. Thing is it works just fine in all the other programs I use, it is just Mirage that I use. On top of that it is only the copy of Mirage on my desktop that has the issue, the one on my laptop is fine.
  3. So the problem isn't with the tablet?

    Ok, you can still change the mouse setting for the desktop. Try the solution here.

    "Go to Control Panel > Mouse >Pointers and set the scheme to (none). Apply. Fixed."
  4. Tried it and it didn't work. T_T
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