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Hi, i have a problem with my bluetooth. The thing is I've had it working, spent a long time talking to the people where i got my laptop from, but a couple of days ago i had to do a system restore so I've got to do it again. Problem is what i did before is now not working .

Basically i have a built in bluetooth (module i think). I have the drivers for the laptop but i need to activate the radio via wireless switch 2. This doesn't work, Wireless switch installs but sits in the bottom right of the screen, i can right click on it but the only thing i can do is click on about, options don't work. I've looked in services and set bluetooth support service to auto. I've also looked in windows device manager and the unknown device that windows can't find a driver for (the bluetooth ), in details config flags it says "configflag_failedinstall" also "00000040" if that helps.

I just don't know why it worked before and doesn't work now. All i can think is that it is a conflict.

Any ideas?
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  1. Got it working, in order to install the wireless switch 2 software i needed the compal driver that is called "Compal Embedded Control" (This enables the hardware to physically turn on or off BT or Wifi, or so i understand).

    So once that was installed and wireless switch 2 software after, i could then turn on the bluetooth so i could install the broadcom software

    If anybody is interested i got the compal driver from here: | Free File Spreading Engine
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